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When do I need to replace my tires?

Red Rock Honda recommends that you replace your tires every
50,000 – 60,000 miles or when your tires reach 5/32 – 4/32. Living in
Grand Junction your car and tires experience more wear and tear than
other places in the county. The graphic below indicates when new tires should be purchased.

10/32 – 6/32
– These tires have enough tread and are considered safe. Proper
alignments and rotations will extend the life of these tires.

– These tires will pass inspection but you should consider replacing
them soon.

3/32 -1/32
– These tires need to be replaced immediately. Tires with this little tread
are unsafe and can pose a danger if not replaced.

Studies have shown that up to 70% of vehicles on the road have at
least one under-inflated tire. Checking and maintaining tire pressure
regularly will help extend tire life and reduce fuel consumption. Every
time you check your Honda’s tire pressures, you should also examine
the tires for damage, foreign objects, and wear.

Misaligned wheels can cause uneven and rapid tire wear. It is
normal for wheel alignment to change through the life of the vehicle as wear accumulates and especially if the vehicle is driven on rough roads. If abnormal tire wear or damage is discovered when checking the tire pressure or during vehicle maintenance, or your Honda has developed symptoms such as pulling to one side or the steering wheel are not centered when driving straight, the wheel alignment should be checked and corrected if needed.

Proper wheel balance helps prevent unnecessary wear to the tires, steering, and suspension components and also provides for a more enjoyable driving experience. Wheel balance normally changes as tires wear and should be checked periodically when you change or rotate tires, especially if you have noticed speed-related vibration while driving. Wheel balancing should always be done when replacing tires and when a tire has been removed from a wheel for any reason.


Come in today and let us evaluate the tire wear on your car, as well as the condition of your current tires. A member of our friendly staff will take care of you and make recommendations to keep your car in safe and reliable operating condition. You can even learn more about the recommended Honda tire pressure.


No Appointment is Needed – Just Drive-In!

Check Tire Pressure

Check Tread Wear and Depth

Check for Any Obvious Alignment and/or Balance Issues

Check the Overall Condition of the Tires

Red Rock Honda is a Factory Authorized Tire Center. We have direct access to tire manufacturers so we can offer lower or competitive pricing on tires and services. Our state-of-the-art high-speed balancer and 4-wheel alignment rack make us a one-stop tire store. We always have a full line of Honda Tire sizes and manufacturers like Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, and Goodyear as well as other makes of tires on hand to keep your wait to a minimum. Tires are the most ignored and underrated component of your vehicle. They are the only interface between your Honda and the road to provide traction to accelerate, steer and stop. Red Rock Honda KNOWS your vehicle best and will ensure it’s equipped with the optimum choice of tire for your driving needs.

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